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Let’s face it, in today’s world your business needs WIFI Access Points. Either your business provides WIFI Access to your employees, or your business provides WIFI Access to your employees and your customers. Up till now WIFI Access only benefited the employee’s and the customers. Simplified Business Solutions has a solution that will now help your business receive benefits as well. 


Simplified Business Solutions Offers the latest technology for WIFI. We have products that will enhance your WIFI Solution. We will work with customers who have a need for 1 access point up to 1000 access points. Simplified Business Solutions uses the power of the cloud and open standards, to make your WIFI work for you! With our cost effective solution we will allow you to control who is on your WIFI Network. We will give you the power to protect your data, and increase internet speeds with our innovative interface. 


Cognitive Wifi:

Cognitive WiFi harnesses the power of cloud, big data analytics, automation, and self-awareness to deliver a pristine experience to your WiFi users – all the time, in every location, regardless of what devices and applications they’re using. Cognitive WiFi visualizes the quality of experience for every one of your users and automates root cause analysis if network problems do occur. It helps you resolve problems rapidly instead of turning them into a wild goose chase. It even proactively fixes WiFi issues before they occur, but if a user does call the helpdesk with a “WiFi problem,” it tells you exactly what's going on – even if it has nothing to do with WiFi. The network becomes the IT assistant and the focus becomes “mean time to resolution” rather than “mean time to innocence.”


If you are looking to enhance your WIFI Access, and receive greater benefits for your business, your employees, and your customers please give Simplified Business Solutions a call at 816-768-8080, or email us at info@sbsllckc.com.

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