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Why Simplified Business Solutions?  


Simplified Business Solutions understands the challenges with making the right decision when choosing your voice and data solution for your business. That is why we exist. Simplified Business Solutions simplifies the process in not only choosing a provider(s), we also manage the relationship for you. When you become our customer, we will make sure that you have the most up to date, cost effective solution in place to reach your business goals. Simplified Business Solutions represents over 40 voice and data providers. 

Better Experience


Our Customers are valuable to us. We make sure that we treat our customers better than they have ever been treated by a voice and data service provider before. We create relationships with our customers. We understand their business goals and objectives, and we help them achieve their goals in any way that we can. Our key focus is to take care of our customers. No longer do our customers have a new Account Manager every 6 months. No longer are our customers being treated differently then the way they were treated at the time of sale. The same way that Simplified Business Solutions earns our customers business, is the same that we maintain our customers business. We are Honest, Integral, and Customer Focused. 



Better Pricing 


Simplified Business Solutions will provided you with a very competitive rate. We are not a direct employee with any service provider that we offer. We work for you! Service Providers do not have to pay for our benefits, overheard, or salary. And that leads to better rates for you. We work with carriers to get you a much better negotiated rate then you would if you signed up with them on your own.  


Better Contract Negotiations


Simplified Business Solutions is an expert at contract negotiations. We know exactly what to look for, ask for, and demand from our providers, and how long we need it for. At times we are able to provide our customers with a new solution, without any contractual agreement. 


Better Customer Care 


When you become a customer with Simplified Business Solutions, you no longer have to deal with customer care from another service provider. We become your Customer Care. You can call or submit a ticket to us, and we will take it from there. We have established great relationships with each of our 40 plus carriers. We do not have to go through normal customer service for a Move, Add, or Change. We can go directly to management, and get things turned around quickly. This will save you time, and provide you with less stress. 





Our customers receive up to date information about their existing carrier(s) and receive the latest information about the industry. We do not overwhelm you with unwanted information, and our customers have the choice of how often they would like to be contacted. Our goal is to keep our customers informed of what is taking place in the Telecommunication industry as well as what is taking place with your vertical market in the Telecommunication industry. 

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