What can SBS Do for Your Business

Telecommunications, Security, & Technology has come a long way in helping your business stay competitive, meet customer expectations and improve operational efficiencies. But most small to medium size businesses don't have the resources to evaluate technologies and aren't sure where to find the right technology partner. From what we have found at Simplified Business Solutions, most companies are paying too much money for their current services, and nit receiving the new features that the industry has to offer.

SBS is categorized as a A VAR, or (Value Added Reseller) A value-added reseller (VAR) is a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it as an integrated product or complete turn-key solution. ... VARs incorporate platform software into their own software product packages.

SBS enhances an existing product, such as hardware, voice and data services, and cloud solutions; and adds additional features, such as software to better manage the solution, and then sells it as an integrated package often tailored for your business needs.

SBS add's further value to the products that we offer through consultation and design, training, implementation, and ongoing service and support.

SBS can serve as your IT advisor, working with, and not against your current IT staff, and help deploy the same technologies that larger companies use, such as CRM software and IP communications. You can then use those tools to enhance customer experience--a key step in growing customer loyalty and the bottom line.

SBS offers the following benefits:

  • One-stop shopping. SBS provides an integrated solution involving technologies from one or more vendors, as well as a single point of contact for both deployment and problem resolution.

  • Experience. SBS provide’s you with 23 years of experience in the Telecommunications, Security, and Technology industry’s.

  • Understanding Business. SBS cater’s to small to medium size businesses. With being in businesses ourselves, we are positioned to understand your business challenges we want nothing more than to help your business succeed. We do that by delivering a solution that will fit your business needs now and continue working with you to help you achieve your business goals for the future.

  • Relationships. SBS specializes in our field of expertise. We have 23 years of experience in the Telecommunication, Security and Technology field. Being in this industry for that amount of time has allowed our organization to create great relationships with key players in each field, which allows us to get things done quicker than others.

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